About The Foundation

Our Mission

The F. D. Reese Foundation aims to honor Dr. Frederick Douglas Reese’s legacy through practical education methods to make a global impact on humanity. The foundation strives to address the disenfranchisement of students in some of the nation’s underserved and impoverished communities to build universal leaders. The spirit of F. D. Reese will engender a level of respectability, self-pride, and  morality within the lives of all who are impacted by the foundation’s work. Ultimately, the foundation seeks to raise awareness of critical issues facing the community through culturally relevant education services and scholarship opportunities. 

The Civil Rights Leader Behind the 1965 Voting Rights Movement

EDUCATION: Rev. Dr. Frederick D. Reese knew the power that an education can have when wielded by an individual, particularly one coming from an impoverished situation as he did. Dr. Reese believed that an education is a solid foundation upon which you can build a better life on. Dr. Reese himself is a proud Alumni of the HBCU Alabama State University as well as studied at another HBCU in Livingston University, now the University of West Alabama, in addition to taking up studies at Southern and Auburn University before attaining his doctorate of divinity from Selma University. 

Being that Dr. Reese was a strong advocate for education and considered it a pillar of his success, we at the Frederick D. Reese Foundation echo his sentiments and take up his mantle in assuring that everyone who is desirous of an education will have the access and opportunities to get one. The foundation conducts essay contests for students from as early as 1st grade all the way through college, backpack giveaways, scholarships and numerous other initiatives to assure those who have the will and drive will have the tools to obtain a proper education. 

PASTOR: Dr. Reese’s relationship with God was the main pillar of the foundation of his life. He knew from early on who was the head of his life and rarely acknowledged his accomplishments without giving due credit to whom made it all possible for him. His passion for God combined with his natural gifts as a speaker and community organizer led him down the road of being a spiritual leader. He was a staple in his community not only as an educator but as pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church for over 50 years. 

The Frederick D. Reese Foundation is a firm believer in the church being at the front of positive community change and will continue to aid those organizations rooted in God to bring about positive influence in and change to an environment where our youth can thrive in. 

ACTIVISM: When it came to social activism, Dr. Frederick D. Reese was SECOND TO NONE. His tireless efforts to advance the adverse conditions of African Americans and other minorities, particularly in the south, is what led to bringing global attention to the plights of African Americans in the United States during the 1960’s. Dr. Reese could’ve chosen to rest on his laurels and the success that came from the fruits of his labors but instead decided to use his social standing and be a voice for those that did not have one. 

The Frederick D. Reese foundation will continue to foster and operate in the spirit of civil disobedience to affect change in our community. We will be putting forth initiatives and events to encourage children to voice their opinions and show them ways they can be the change they want to see around them by simple having the courage to speak and the will to do the work just as Dr. Reese did. 

OUTREACH: The impact Dr. Reese has had on his community through his charitable efforts, both public and personal, can never be truly measured. He was the epitome of what charity means through his distribution of knowledge, spiritual upliftment, and just simply being the example of what a man can overcome when he has the focus. Dr. Reese was a prolific man of God, but also knew faith without works is dead, and exemplified that by always being there when called upon by his community, despite the conditions, critiques, and obstacles that threatened to deter him. Outreach is central to our functions here at the Frederick D. Reese Foundation. 

We have streamlined our focus to Selma and the greater Atlanta area and plan to expand our efforts to other regions in the future.  We have an annual muscular dystrophy walk, an issue that was close to Dr. Reese’s heart, in Selma. We also support and work with numerous other non-profit organizations and plan to expand our reach in the near future. 


What We Do