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Youth Outreach


Youth Outreach:  We believe the most significant investment we can make is in the encouragement and the development of youth so that they can be molded into the leaders we need tomorrow. This includes developing our mentorship program where we stay actively involved in the lives of those we take under our tutelage.  We also plan to extend a helping hand to those youths who have strayed off the path in our juvenile detention centers. We want them to know that everyone is entitled to another chance as God continually forgives us daily. We will pay special attention to our troubled youth and ensure they have the opportunities to move forward in the right direction following the example of Jesus in Mark 2:17 as it states that Jesus said “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. 



Civil Knowledge

 Civil Knowledge: We’re here to inform those who may yet be in the dark about the rights they have a citizen and what they do need to do to exercise and let their voice be heard in their community. We will show our people the significance of voting as well as the rights they have a citizen of the city, county, state, and country that they live in. We’re here to make people understand why so many before them fought for them to have the right to express their concerns free of oppression and the  things they can do as a citizen to contribute to a better future.     



The F. D. Reese Scholarship

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